Frequent Questions

Our products have a very high percentage of essences; as a consequence, when vaporizing our fragrances on the skin, a high concentration of oil remains. For this reason, we suggest to pay attention to clothing, especially delicate dresses (clear fabric, silk etc.). Our perfumes accompany you all day long. We suggest especially the décolleté and the back part of the neck. Vaporize the perfumes and wait 10 to 15 seconds, massaging the area in order to permit the essence to blend with your skin.

Our perfumes are a right mix of the best natural and derivative raw materials. A perfume made up totally by natural essences has a less “gentle” scent, while one based solely on synthetic substances lacks “heart”. The evocations we account through our perfumes draw their forces from the emotion and feeling evoked by our perfumes educe their force from the balance between the raw materials and the way they merge.

Direct sunlight and exposure to heat sources could damage our perfumes.That is why we suggest avoiding storing perfumes in the bathroom, where thermal excursion would damage the product. The best place is a cabinet because there temperature and humidity are kept constant in time, protecting the product from light.
The line fears light and heat, the bathroom is the least suitable place to leave the scent. It often puts in plain sight on a shelf for convenience, but it is not correct. In the bathroom you can leave it locked in a locker or drawer. We prefer to indicate the wardrobe as the right place: little thermal excursion and depending on the dress you wear, you vaporize the essence. (For a long time even in the refrigerator, in the fresh compartment).

It must always be specified that we talk about perfume, therefore with a very high concentration of oils. The best way is to vaporize the product on the skin, massage for a few seconds and then dress. This happens because customers are used to spraying eau de toilets that are less concentrated and richer in water.

All processes have different production batches. It may happen that between one production batch and another the color changes. This is perfectly normal and depends on multiple factors. The most common are: the use of essential oils of different origin (e.g. Italian orange compared to Brazilian orange) and the time of maceration and laying of the processing; climate can also lead to a change in the processed raw material. (It should also be noted that the bottle just finished, has been used for a long time, that although well preserved, the color tends to darken)

It often happens that wearing the same fragrance for a long time (the period varies from a few months to years!), it becomes so integrated with our skin that it leads to natural olfactory addiction. In this case it is good to invite the customer either to alternate the perfume with a new fragrance, or to integrate the same with a product for the body.