The north wind blew over the shore,
the roar of the waves dissolved
in mist on fields mixing the tops
of wild myrtle bushes and strawberry trees.
The night faded and daybreak  
blunted the gleam of constellations.



Olfactory notes:

Myrtle, Fig leaf and wood, Cut grass

Ichnusa è anche:

  • body milk
  • shower bath


#2 Helena 2017-02-13 19:27
This perfume is so lovely. Like a sweet heavenly memory.
It is also addictive. I have finished my sample bottle and I cannot bear the thought that I might never smell it again.
#1 Maria Jose 2015-02-02 08:59
The best perfum I never have used!!!
It is a pleasure every time I use....
Very very nice!!!

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