The sea waves that brake on the shore donate new shells,
with a multitude of sizes and shapes,
to the sand that glimmers in the morning sun of August.
In the desert beach flutter heedlessness and freedom.



Olfactory Notes

Myrtle, Cedar wood and Seaweed

Acqua di Sale is also:

  • body oil
  • body milk
  • shower bath
  • room perfume



Inspired by Acqua di Sale

by JAZID for Pro Fumum Roma - Inside cd "Blue Essence"


#9 Lya 2015-09-25 14:46
So very happy to have Luciano in Rome! What a glorious store and even more glorious experience with Luciano! He spent over an hour with us and would not allow us to purchase until we walked around with out chosen scents for a while. I personally, loved the scent on our tour guide at The Vatican, Barbara directed us to the store in Centro Rome. I was so hoping it would be a fragrant on me as it was on Barbara and it was! My husband, Marco, tried Tundra and loved it, we both walked away so very happy! The boutique in Rome is so beautiful, so peaceful and the displays of fragrances are perfect! There are unique stories about all the fragrances - fascinating! The packaging is outstanding as well. Luciano' says they will be expanding the line into other product in the future as his daughter is in school studying chemistry, I look forward to much more! Thank you, Luciano, the visit was one of the highlights of this trip - I savor every pump of the spray!
#8 Marleen 2014-08-11 21:06
This perfume is delicious! when I wear it, people always ask me which perfume I wear, and my wardrobe smells heavenly when I put mu clothes back. Thx a lot fot this marvelous creation!!
#7 2014-05-03 11:12
Thank you for having created this perfume. I feel so sexy and seductive wearing this. Absolutely addicted to it !
#6 2014-02-20 19:43
Thank you for this creation.
My nose is very hard to please and this scent gave me an almost orgasmic feeling.
I am very sensitive to heavy scents and I tend to stick to aquatic or white flower- like scents. It is so difficult to find a real marine scent, without the annoying air freshener touch to it.
#5 2013-11-25 10:11
Thank you for this creation. I have been apporached countless times by strangers, asking me aabout this perfume and I have been spreading it aamong my friends. It makes you addicted. It smells like a holiday at the sea, like an ocean breeze, like a summer day. It is perfection.

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