Blue Essence

The wonder of simplicity

Olfactory "Notes" and musical "Notes" walking in the air, mixing up to caress our soul.

  1. Travel - (A scent is the trigger of uncontrollable emotions that lead us everywhere. Bon Voyage.)
  2. Island of Gods - (ispired by the Acqva di Sale perfume)
  3. Circle Train - (ispired by the Dvlcis in Fvndo perfume))
  4. Waiting line - (ispired by the Tvberosa perfume)
  5. Trip Tide - (ispired by the Soavissima perfume)
  6. Matanya - (ispired by the Acqva e Zucchero perfume)
  7. Kudeta - (ispired by the Volo Az 686 perfume)
  8. First Light - (ispired by the Confetto perfume)

Jazid for Profumum